French Countries and Traditions


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In these courses, you won't just learn the language but also useful information about France.

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French for your Vacation

Is a trip to France just around the corner? Here you'll quickly learn some important words, phrases and the basics for getting by.

French Express training

Need a quick update in French? Revise French vocabulary and helpful expressions with exercises to bring your passive knowledge of French up-to-date and ready to use. The course is based on level A2/B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Colloquial Speech and Slang

Have you always wanted to learn words, abbreviations and expressions in French slang? Here you will learn words like "ouais", "ouf" and "ordi" and their pronunciation.

French Cuisine

Have you always wanted to know more about French cuisine? Come along with us on a culinary journey around France and learn the various specialties from different regions. Be careful, though; it'll make your mouth water!

French Signs

When traveling in French-speaking countries, you encounter a wide variety of signs and street names, some of them quite complicated, and others just funny. As you learn to understand them, you will get a chance to review several key grammar topics.


Join us on our tour around France! Discover a range of sights and learn important expressions for your journey.

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